last chance

from by LH05

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All the time I was waiting for something
That can be reached by self-destruction
Demons pushed me through and I keep falling
This is my way to the deconstruction.
Step by step I am collecting pieces.
Moments are waking my basic instinct.
Wherever I go I'm chased by faces
Exposing myself - that's what I'm risking

Maybe I'll break all these chains
I turn my back, nothing remains.
Isolation is my best friend,
With my teardrops I will ascend.

The scars are showing me the past was real.
Whatever hurts you and pierces your skin
It can be aching but it will be healed.
Suffering reveals the darkness within.
Wounded and tortured my rage is endless
The pain is clearing my disordered life.
Confusion leads to meaningless violence
Everything is peaceful before the strife.

These hands don't build-Just wreck around me
Violent; selfish; My eyes are lifeless.
I hear false words, my touch is not real
Regret and hate reveal my true self

When the hope loses me
I have to keep on living.

Tearing apart social standards
Unfolds signs of disfiguration.
Open views and don't be angered
By the chance of contemplation!

If there was a chance, I would live my own life.
I wouldn't care about all their feelings, but only mine.
I would fight for my own reasons,
I would chase my own dreams,
I would follow my own path,
And I would do everything I can...

I... have... failed..

But.. If there was hope I would change my whole life to find a way back to my home and start over.

I would take a walk with my wife on the boulevard,Playing with my son all day long and forget about how everything went wrong Just see how he grows Just.. Love them, just the way they are.
Until the day I'm finally gone...

But I feel like...
...There's no way to go back in time...
I have failed my entire life... I have no clue how to go on...
All my shots are wasted somehow...
My future holds no solution...
I haven't got a reason to live

The memories keep ruining my life I can't escape from my own mind, There's no chance left for me to live I need to exit.. All this time I did my best The time has come for me to rest
...If there was a chance I would live my own life
Leave out all the sorrow and all their lies..


from When Hope Loses Us, released December 27, 2014



all rights reserved


LH05 Batman, Turkey

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